The DAD Rotary Fund establishment

The DAD Rotary Fund was officially established on August 2, 2017, with an ambition to “Do practical for the poor children in Viet Nam”. We focus on the following areas: Health development; Educational development; Welfare facilities and infrastructure development; Environment protection, Clean water supply; Ministration to troubled areas throughout Viet Nam. We build up a


Reviewing trip to Suoi To commune before New year 2018

On December 25th 2017, our volunteering team of 7 went on a exploring trip to Suoi To commune, Phu Yen district, Son La province to prepare for our upcoming trip of DAD Rotary Fund. Due to the limitation of time and human resource, we kept this an expeditious exploration. Setting off to Son La, we


A visit to My Duc humane shelter

On December 3rd morning, members of the management board of DAD ROTARY FUND paid a visit to the humane shelter in My Duc, Hanoi to give the children there some emotional and spiritual encouragement.   In the visit, we had a chance to talk to and gave the humane shelter members our well-prepared gifts in


Giving heart to the children at Huong La humane shelter

As part of the chain of DAD Rotary Fund’s activities by the end of 2017, on December 9th afternoon, members of the management board of DAD Rotary Fund came to the Huong La humane shelter, Bac Ninh to give meaningful presents with the total grant of 6000000 VND to the small children there. Huong La


“Loving Christmas” at Thai Nguyen General hospital

Christmas is a special occasion for people to gather and show love to their loved ones. However, when people celebrate Christmas in happiness and rejoicings, many children still struggle to fight against their illness. Wishing to bring those young patients the carefree joy that they deserve, DAD Rotary Fund and benefactors have organized the program


Launched the DAD Rotary Fund with many meaningful activities for children

On the November 25th morning, the launching ceremony of the DAD Rotary Fund was successfully held at the Muong Thanh Hotel in Hanoi with many meaningful activities to mark a milestone in the chain of activities of the Fund. DAD Rotary Fund was officially established in 2017, with the aim of bringing to the disadvantaged


Suoi To 1 Primary School’s Construction Project

I. The current situation of Suoi To 1 Primary School’s scale and welfare facilities (09/2017) Suoi To 1 Primary School is belonged to one of the most difficult commune in Phu Yen Province with the shortage of school facilities and a lot of temporary classrooms. At the central school site,  there are 9 classrooms but