Methods of donation

We understand that to let unfortunate children have the chance to touch their future, they need the help of many people. So the DAD Rotary Fund was established with the desire to connect donors and partners in Vietnam and the world to build a growing community for children.

Donating and supporting for poor children in terms of education, health, welfare is the most humanitarian advocacy

Coordinated Deployment

DAD Rotary Fund always looks forward to expand the cooperation with other organizations and individuals in various fields to strengthen the projects to benefit poor children in Vietnam and in the world.

In order for the community of the fund to grow and expand, the fund has been coordinated from the beginning with different funds and organizations to implement the programs.


DAD Rotary Fund has been building a community dedicated to children. It is hoped that the poor children will have a better life and grow up in the love of everyone.

We are coordinating with partners and donators to provide the best support for children. At present, DAD Rotary Fund has many strategic partners in Vietnam and many strategic partners in Japan. Especially, the fund is currently mobilizing funding with 4 specific forms.