Fund Organization



Trust is the factor we aim for when establishing the fund. We operate on the principle of publicity, transparency on financial expenses and compliance with the law, under the state management and the relevant state agencies and especially not for profit. Transparency will be demonstrated annually to achieve the confidence and support from individuals and organizations. In particular, we will post audited financial statements on the fund on our website when it is publicly available so that individuals and organizations can keep track on it. In addition, the list of sponsors and financial reports for each child project will also be publicly available with the most detailed manner.

Investment policy

How does the DAD Rotary Fund approach and call for investment from organizations, businesses and individuals? Surely this is an important question that you are always interested in and we will clarify the answer to that question.

First of all, we would like to reiterate the goal of establishing the fund. It is to ensure that all children living in Vietnam have the opportunity to live a better life and hope for a better future. We are focusing on the use of grants and aid to help millions of disadvantaged children in Vietnam be able to go to school and have better medical conditions.

From ancient times to now, Vietnamese often remind each other “The leaves protect tattered ones”. It is an important ethical lesson teaches us to love and to embrace one another. We believe that every organization, business or individual always brings that spirit to be ready to give a hand for the difficult part of life around us. Especially businesses that we hope to be able to encourage them to contribute their expertise and money to these programs for children. We publicly commend the companies that have joined us for the fund. At the same time, we try to convince and inspire other companies to bring the common good together to act for the future of the country.

We think that the sentence “cooperate to develop together” is not only true in politics, economics but also in society. Cooperation in charity creates a huge community, a community with great strength in helping the needy children, and we believe this cooperation is never harmful.

Each year, we will post a tax report as well as an audited financial statement, including a list of all investments and donations.

Mutual benefit

Following the fund’s programs, the main strategy is to promote innovative solutions and make sure these solutions really reach those who need them. To do that, we frame partnership and funding for organizations that we can achieve long-term results.

We work with all types of organizations, including government, non-profit, business, educational institutions as well as individuals. We believe that everyone is beneficial when the best ideas are developed and applied, no matter where they are.

We hope that the factual programs funded by the fund can help as many children in Vietnam as possible. We commit to provide greater and more meaningful care to children and adolescents with disabilities; as well as to inspire businesses, organizations and individuals.

“Corporate Social Responsibility,” we believe this concept is not strange to businesses. Every business needs to be responsible to the society, which is the business philosophy in the modern era to promote your business image to society. We hope that we can coordinate with you to make a better happier society for the unlucky children.