Funding – Aid

Coordinated Deployment


DAD Rotary Fund is looking forward to expanding cooperation with other organizations and individuals in various fields to strengthen and coordinate projects to benefit poor children in Vietnam and in the world.

1. Develop strategic coordination funds

To formulate programs for corporations and corporations for a long-term implementation

Strategic fund development is a long-term advocacy plan. At present, DAD Rotary Fund programs are implemented in many different projects such as: Suoi To, Son La; Hue; Thanh Hoa, etc.

Vietnam was the first country in the region to be the second country in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990. The Convention set the basic standards for a good, healthy and protected childhood. Since the ratification of the Convention, the lives of millions of Vietnamese children have improved markedly. However, not all children are entitled to this benefit, just over half of the children are entitled to this benefit and 40% of the children are not entitled to special ethnic minorities. Educational disparities remain with approximately 75% of children in the city enrolled in kindergartens, while only 51% of rural children are enrolled in kindergartens. The infrastructue condition of children in mountainous areas such as schools and toilets is very poor

Therefore, DAD Rotary continues to mobilize resources from domestic organizations and individuals to develop and expand the fund. The fund is planning to coordinate with corporations to jointly implement long-term strategies such as Toyota, Honda, Samsung, Mitsubishi.

With this strategy, the DAD Rotary Fund’s children programs will be more effective, raising more funds and better support poor children.

2. Coordination with international foundations

Cooperate with major donor organizations around the world to develop donor programs

Besides coordinating the strategy with other organizations and corporations in the country, the fund also cooperates with the international fund. Because the fund’s mission is to provide an inclusive education for poor children not only in Vietnam but also in the world. This is why the fund wants to collaborate with international foundations to build a larger network of philanthropic foundations spread throughout the world.

3. Association with domestic organizations

Cooperate with major domestic fund organizations to develop grants and aid programs

In particular, we also co-operated with major local fund organizations to develop a grant program for poor children.

– Heart for children: a humanitarian program for children under 16 by the Vietnam Heart Foundation – Vietnam Television in collaboration with Viettel Corporation. After 8 years, this fund has mobilized over 130 billion VND and has cure congenital heart disease for 3231 poor children across the country.

– Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC), a non-profit organization based in Ho Chi Minh City, directly supports disadvantaged children to ensure access to education in Vietnam more widely. The organization was established in 1992 and is registered with the Charity Commission in England. SCC is also registered as a non-profit organization in Vietnam and the United States.