Education Development



In parallel with health development, education development will also be the project that the Fund will promote. First of all, we will raise funds for scholarships for poor students. Scholarships for students under the age of 16 who are children of poor households based on the national poverty line. We believe that with this support, thousands of poor students in the country will have the motivation and ability to continue studying and developing their full capability. The followings are some of the projects related to the education development:

1. Scholarships for excellent students in difficult circumstances.

2. Donating books and school facilities for the center which are raising children with HIV / AIDS

3. Donating books and learning materials to the orphanage.

4. Giving computers to schools in highland areas

5. Establishing life skills education program for children

6. Establishing English teaching programs for orphanage.

7. Vocational training for children with disabilities