Fund Organization

Operating Principles


The Dad Rotary Fund needs to be run as professionally and efficiently as a business organization. All members of the Dad Rotary Fund must understand and apply the following principles in their work. .

  1. Purpose:
    Not seeking anything other than charity.
    All members voluntarily participate in the fund to complete the work assigned with the highest responsibility.


  1. Finance:

Donations should be sent to the beneficiary.
The principle of the fund is that administration costs are zero.
In fact, the fund must be managed in a modern manner and must have a professional staff, etc. Moreover, the cost of managing the apparatus is mainly covered by the self-financing, if it must be paid from the donation, it must be spent on the right purpose with the transparent financial statement and it must be consensus from the sponsor.


  1. Respectability:

Each member must operate in accordance with the rules and procedures. Work descriptions, procedures, and rules must be issued.
Joining the Fund requires the seriousness and members should sign the commitment and follow the procedure when leaving.
Working with the Fund with the highest sense of responsibility.
Long-term labor contracts will cover social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with the Labor Code.
Wages for employees and expenses for employees are covered by the members of the Board of Management.


  1. Behavior in the Fund:

Be respectful to each other, voluntarily abiding by the rules of the Fund.


  1. For the receivers:
    Love and respect, absolutely not hurt even the facial expressions, gestures.
    In any case, members of the Fund absolutely must not express the offensive to the receivers.


  1. For other charities:
    Learn and collaborate.
    For donors, partners:
    No discrimination
    Regards and grateful.
    Do not try to find personal identities or publicity without their permission.
    Donors, partners have the right to participate in the project


  1. Legislation:
    The fund operates within the framework of Vietnamese law.
    Seriously adhere, respect and observe the law and the relevant state agencies.


  1. Religion and politics
    The DRF is a non-profit organization.
    This und is not a religious organization or political organization and this fund do not conduct any religious or political activities.
    The forum of the Foundation does not mention about religion of politics.


  1. Transparency
    All information on the fund’s activities will be posted on the fund’s website.
    Financial transparency is the fund’s top priority.
    Specifically, the financial information is updated accurately and quickly.