Health Development



Community health development is one of the projects that we will always prioritize because health is a very important issue for people in remote areas who finding difficult in accessing to modern medical services.

We will provide free medical facilities and medical treatment to ethnic minorities in Yen Bai, Lao Cai and Son La, etc. Special places will be considered from the application of the local authorities and from the data conducted from the field’s survey. The followings are some of the projects in the health sector:

1. General medical examination for children in upland areas

2. Screening congenital heart disease for children

3. Oral health care

4. Examination for autistic children

5. Implantation, surgery for children with cleft palate

6. Health care for children with HIV / AIDS

7. Free eye examination for children.

8. Getting, referring to free surgery for children with eye defects.

9. Free consultation for children with leprosy

10. General examination and support treatment for children with birth defects

11. Free medicine monthly for children suffered from cancer at the K Hospital.