Fund Organization

Organizational Structure


Dad Rotary Fund was established with a professional staffing structure as an organization that includes the following committees:

1. DAD Rotary Fund Management of Board
Ms. Cao Bich Thuy – Chairwoman of the Board.
Mr. Pham Minh Thang – Vice Chairman of the Board.
Mr. Dao Quang Minh – Vice Chairman of the Board.
Mr. Dang Van Trang – Member.

2. DAD Rotary Fund in the North of Vietnam
Mr. Dao Quang Minh – Vice Chairman of the Board – In charge of the fund’s activities in the North of Vietnam.

3. Financial Department
Establishment Decision No. 01/2017 / DRF dated 06/11/2017.
Director: Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam.
Functions and tasks:
Manage and control the money raised from individuals and the disbursement of funds for projects.
Manage the cost of the fund.
Report and explain financial statements with the authorities.

4. Human Resource Department
Establishment Decision No. 02/2017 / DRF dated 06/11/2017.
Director: Ms. Trinh Thi Quynh Nga.
Functions and tasks:
Volunteers coordination for the project.
Human resource management.

5. Project Management Department
Establishment Decision No. 03/2017 / DRF dated 06/11/2017.
Director: Ms. Doan Thu Hai
Functions and tasks:
Forming charity projects then submit to the Fund Council for approval.
Organizing and implementing the approved projects.
Reporting the implementation results of the projects

6. Funding Advocacy Department
Establishment Decision No. 04/2017 / DRF dated 06/11/2017.
Chairman: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy.
Functions and tasks:
Call for funding from individuals in the country and abroad.
Coordinating to build up projects, collaborating to the communication on the activities of the fund and complying with the implementation of charity projects which has been approved.

7. Media & Communications Department
Establishment Decision No. 05/2017 / DRF dated 06/11/2017.
Director: Mr. Vuong Anh Son
Functions and tasks:
Communication functions: communication channels, media publications.
Setting up relationships with the press and television agencies and other organizations.
Organizing the media events of the fund.