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Have you ever sung the national anthem not by sound but by gesture to see that each of us are the same blood of Vietnam?

And have you ever actually listened to a person not with ears, not with eyes but with a heart that is really listening to a heart?

We do hope that the poor children will have a full life and grow up in the love of people. This is also the reason that the DAD Rotary Fund has been founded in 2017 and it is also our commitment to fighting and contributing to promote the living standard and education of children.

We are partnering with partners to provide the best support for children. At present, DAD Rotary Fund has many strategic partners in Vietnam and many strategic partners in Japan. Particularly, the fund is currently mobilizing funding with four specific forms:

1. Funding advocacy for other programs by introducing specific programs and projects with feasibility and high humanities.

– School building program
– Building bridges, roads, boarding houses in remote areas


2. Building specific deployment programs

Particularly, the fund has implemented specific programs in different regions such as donation of books, scholarships, moon-gifts, clothes, etc. for disadvantaged children.

These programs are just the beginning of the fund’s implementation plan. Apart from these programs, the fund also wants to bring more practical and humanistic programs. It can help a lot of children have opportunities to learn new things, study and play – what they deserve at their age.


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3. Organizing music, sports, events to raise funds

The idea of organizing music, sports, and events to raise funds has been a long-term plan. Our fund wants to go through these programs and events to spread the message of the fund: “Do something practical to help poor children and improve the quality of education, health and let them have the chance to go to school more regularly and have a better life”. It brings many partners, leaders and philanthropists together to build a better future for poor children in Vietnam and around the world.


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4. Cooperating with domestic and foreign organizations and student organizations.

In order to have the best connection of the community with the projects that the fund are implementing, the fund also links and coordinates with local and international organizations, student organizations such as:
– Coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies in indigenous countries, associations, non-governmental organizations.
– Coordination with multinational corporations

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