Children have a right to be taken care of by the family, the school, the state about social protection, health care and education. They should have equal opportunities in education, health care and entertainment. Especially some children also experiencing difficult circumstances like facing with illness but they are not eligible for the treatment. Some are born bearing congenital malformations, disability. There are a lot of children like to be joyfully going to school to learn the words, a wish too far that it must, of course, is what the children must be received..

Understanding this, DAD Rotary Fund efforts by the sincerity of ourselves to be able to bring love to all the kids stuck in every corner, on every path and spread throughout the region of the country, such as: North, Central and Southern regions. We consider that: wherever there are children in need, DAD Rotary Fund will be there!

Deployment Areas

1. Northeast

2. Northwest

3. Red River Delta

4. North Central

5. South Central

6. Central Highlands

7. Southeast

8. Mekong River Delta